4 steps for bringing
your hair back to life

Your hair can sure get “moody”, just like you and the rest of us. Some days your hair is just right and falls into place, but other days it’s just misshaped, with no form and simply wrecks your entire style. For these days when your hair loses its shine and liveliness, follow the next 4 steps to bring it back to life:

Wash your hair with BIOTOP’s 911 Quinoa unsalted Shampoo – which contains purified water, aromatic essential oils and vitamin E. The shampoo nourishes your hair, adds moisture and provides a natural softness.


On wet hair, apply the 911 Quinoa Hair Mask, from the hair’s mid-line outward and wait 2-3 minutes. The mask penetrates the hair fibers and locks in softness, shine and flexibility.


Once a week, foam up your hair using the 911 Quinoa Hair Repair Ampoule. Apply from the roots of your hair to the tips and wait 5 minutes to let the product perform its magic. The ampoule is perfect for dry, dull hair and adds enhanced moisture, protection and keeps the keratin in the hair fibers.


Dry your hair using a towel, brush it lightly and apply a small amount of 911 Quinoa Serum to your tips, for the perfect finish and to prevent split ends.