4 steps to boost your hair for spring

Spring is time for growth, hope and beauty. So it's obvious that lifeless, thin and flat hair just won’t do! Don’t you want your hair to naturally flutter in the wind? Getting the perfect hair and feeling gorgeous this spring, is easier than you thought.

Right products are the key

The best way to add volume to your hair starts with your usual hair care routine, using sprays and mousses after you shower just isn’t enough. Our 20 Volumizing Boost collection is the antidote to thin, flat hair. Just 4 simple steps to volume up! Using a unique blend of vitamins and proteins, our 20 Volumizing Boost collection thickens hair fibers, resulting in nourished, protected, cleansed hair with added volume.


In order to get the perfect spring look, start with the 20 VOLUMIZING BOOST shampoo to give your flat and thin hair a volume boost. Leaving it thicker, fuller, and much more manageable.


After shampooing, while your hair is still wet, use the 20 VOLUMIZING BOOST hair mask to thicken your hair cuticles while restoring moisture and elasticity. Your hair will now be silky smooth and shiny.


Towel-dry your hair and apply 20 Volumizing Boot Hair Cream. Use it to style your hair the way you always dreamed. This hair cream is a leave-in treatment (no washing needed!) that thickens your hair cuticles and adds flexibility while controlling frizz.


Finally, spray your hair with 20 Volumizing Boost Hair Spray to keep the style you wanted intact and protect your hair from the spring sun, so your style remains flawless and your hair ready for spring.