Going grey – Make it a fashion statement!

Grey is the new blonde! Women all over the world are choosing to "go grey" by dyeing their hair. It’s the hottest trend right now, and we are loving it!

Everybody wants some!

Grey hair used to be the first sign of getting old – women would rush to their hair salon at the first sight of a grey hair. But today it just seems to be what everybody wants.
Kim Kardashian, Cardi B, Lady Gaga and Pink are just the tip of the iceberg, and we can now definitely say it out loud: Going grey is full of glam Stylish, funky and super fashionable. This new hair trend is all you need to upgrade yourself from your usual style to a new diva look.

The options are endless

You can choose to wear your new “grey hair” however you want! Grey hair with black roots, Grey and silver ombre hair, grey hair with purple edges, balayage (our personal favorite) and many more! Long hair or Blunt bob, curly or super straight, top-knots, half down, half up and any other style you roll – your grey hair will look fabulous!

Isn’t too extreme

Some hair styles are a big change – going platinum gold, getting a short pixie haircut or switching from curls to straight hair are just a few examples. Hence, being a tad afraid how dying your hair grey will affect your appearance is understandable – but don’t you worry. Choosing to go grey is an easy fix –combine the grey with your original hair color, instead of drastic change. This way you’ll feel more comfortable with the change. Also remember, sooner or later we all get grey hair and there’s no shame in that – So wear your grey hair with pride!

What are you waiting for?

Worried about bad results? We’ve got you covered! Use our 19 Silver Shampoo once a week to prevent the appearance of that annoying, strong yellowish color and finish up the treatment with our 19 Silver hair mask, designed as an after-bleaching treatment , the mask refreshes silver and white hues, while restoring moisture to the hair.