How to get the perfect
curls you always
dreamed about

They’re frustrating at times, hard to tame and require daily maintenance, but, when they look just right, it all falls into place and your hair looks glamorous! Here are some tips from our hair experts, so you can get those perfect curls.

Use a unique shampoo and mask for curls: BIOTOP PROFESSIONAL 69 series contains vitamin E, avocado oil, coconut oil, almond oil and rose oil. It brings curls back to life, adds moisture and shine and provides a stylish curly look.


Drying your curls: We recommend drying curly hair slowly, using a low heat and fan speed. To minimize that frizzy look when drying your curly hair, use a special microfiber towel.


Hair finish: After drying, apply some 69 Hair Soufflé to mold and position your curls. Also ad  a touch of 07 Apple Glaze to the hair ends for that final finish.


Don’t forget to trim your hair’s ends: When it comes to curls, maintenance is critical. To maintain the natural bounce and fullness of your curls, as well as the texture and strength, we recommend trimming hair ends once every 2 months.