Most trendy haircuts of 2019

Cutting your hair is a fashion statement - we all know changing your hair can sometimes literally change your life. These days people are becoming more and more bold in the choices they make in general, so naturally we see haircuts that are more daring than before. If you are looking to get a cut and not sure which direction to go, here are our top picks for the best haircut styles in 2019.

The Blunt Bob

Having a blunt bob is the perfect way to announce your new stylish life. The bob fits every face shape and look amazing with all types of hair. Wear this with bangs or just enjoy the way the hair falls across your face and hugs your chin. This is one of the most classic hair styles of all time. Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, Dua Lipa, and even Beyonce choose this as their 2019 spring look. Volume up your hair with our 15 Creative Hair Spray that is ideal for natural-looking shine and maintain a strong hold of your desired style.

That 70’s Shag

Torn between long and short? Not to worry, the 70’s shag is the perfect solution for you. This not-too-drastic change allows you to keep most of your loved hair and keep hiding behind your strands. This romantic trend can look good messy or polished and is Mrs. Hailey Bieber signature look. To get the complete look use our 07 Apple Glaze to sculpt funky waves and leave your hair soft and smooth.

Curtain Bangs

Swept to the side or parted in the center, this is a very sexy look. Bangs flatter your face and make you look younger at any age. Curtain bangs can be the step before fringe hairstyle if you don’t want to go too far with your liberated mood, plus they look good in every season. To style your bangs the exact mode you dream of, use our 33 Biofix Gel to achieve the most fashionable result.

Pixie Cut

This look will definitely make you stand out.
Very short and posh, it’s the ultimate change your hair was waiting for. This edgy cut frame your face perfectly and gives you that Rockstar look you crave. To refine your look and add shine use our 35 Fiber Mousse to help style your pixie hair by mood.