Top 5 new hairstyle trends of 2019

Nothing can change your character more than changing your hair, than why not style it in a different fashion? Maybe this list of new 2019 hairstyle trends will give you just the inspiration you need:

Big volume hair

This trend is coming back with lots to say: its big, messy and full of glam. Started as a fashion show look but expanded into our everyday life. Use our 20 volumizing boost 4 steps collection to boost your look for the total upgrade before taking a selfie.

The wet-look

Elegant and fancy, this is the easiest hairstyle to accomplish and the results are too good. Gives you a new polished look to wear on your next night out. Don’t forget to push the hair backwards with our 05 Silicon milk Hair cream, to get the Gigi Hadid look from this New York fashion week.

Super high ponytail

Bad hair day? Not a problem, high ponytails are the best way to hide your tired and frizzy hair, while making you look stylish doing it. Our 911 Quinoa serum spray is the best final touch to make your hair look fresh and glamorous no matter the occasion.

Big braids

Fun and “easy to make” braids are an all-time favorite. Braids are perfect for any activity and can look both fancy and an everyday look. Some people like braids so much that they wear 2 on each side and the more the merrier. To get a firm hold on your braids throughout the day use our Ultimate Touch 16 hair spray.


Big bows, hair clips, bobby pins and ribbons all look extremely cute on you however you choose to wear them. Used to be a styling aid but became part of the total look. Apply our 911 Quinoa serum to get your hair ready before adding your new fashionable twist to bright up your day.