We want the bangs!

Ready to change your life but don’t know where to start? Bangs (meaning fringe) are your answer.  This “little cut” can lead to a total transformation and even make you into a different person! To help you decide on the perfect bangs for you we have prepared a Bangs hairstyles guide. This guide will make your bangs decision much simpler depending on your face shape, hair type and recent trends.

Micro “baby” bangs

A new look decision that is for the brave heart only. Getting this back to style, super short bangs will take your fashion vibe to the next level. Micro “baby” bangs are not suited for everybody: they won’t let you hide behind them so you will have to wear them with confidence.

Fits who: everybody

Side Bangs

Both elegant and feminine, this hairstyle is simply saying: “I am still me, but better”. Parted in the middle or swooped to the side – you can take your pick. Side Bangs are the easiest way to go when choosing bangs. This look will make you look younger no matter your age.

Fits who: round and oval shaped face with all hair types.

Blunt Bangs

The classic version of bangs everywhere and considered to be most common. We all had them in elementary school, and it made us look cute yet very ridiculous. Now its time for them to redeem themselves and make it up to you by allowing you to keep your hair length while upgrading your look.

Fits who: heart and oval shaped face with straight and wavy hair.

Curly Bangs

Just because you have curls doesn’t mean you can’t have the bangs of your dreams! This look belongs to the rise of the natural beauty trend which we are all for. It’s about time all curvy and curly people learn to love and accept what god gave them. So start rocking this look as soon as possible.

Fits who: curly hair people obviously.

Layered Bangs

Its when you love bangs so much, so you get 2 layers of them and it looks fabulous. It goes like this: short bangs in the front and longer on the sides. Don’t matter if you wear your hair up or down, layered bangs just look so effortlessly glamorous.  Not every hairdresser can get this cut right so pick yours wisely.

Fits who: round and oval shaped face with all hair types.

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