Top best hair colors of 2019

It’s almost wintertime and we can’t have you beginning the new year with the same old look. If you don’t want to get a new haircut, you should change colors instead. Check out these 5 gorgeous hair colors for your new year’s hair resolution so you better dye right now.


This one is a long time coming. This hottest trend of late and the most popular hair style of our time is here to stay. A mix between your natural hair and any color of your liking will give you this marvelous shade of color that is both natural but with an edge. Almost all of Hollywood sweethearts have gone through this hair change in the past year. So get a move on.

Inky Black

Black is the new blond, and everybody loves hanging out with the cool guys! This all black look with a hint of dark blue is a total fashion statement and you should start the new year with an attitude. Careful: When having a black hair, you must maintain its shine, so your look won’t get creepy and people will come asking you for a reading.


We saved the cute one for last. Coral is going strong right now and you can see half of Hollywood going crazy for this too! We know for sure it’s going to stick with us because we love it so much. Anywhere you go you can see this legendary pink pastel shade and admire all whose wearing it with pride. Doesn’t matter the hair type this look will give you a fun, young makeover.

Decided on a colorful look and ready to a start the new chapter in your life but

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